This page shows the exercises assigned for Lab 0.

(looking at the Page source, you'll see I did not use PHP to
place the section headings in the page. I could have, just chose not to
to show that HTML and PHP can be intermingled.)

Using some print() statements to output data to page...

Course: CS130A
Author: Edward A. Caruso
Assignment: Lab0
Due Date: August 27, 2009

Using '.' to concatenate some strings together...

word 1: This
word 2: is
word 3: a
word 4: simple
word 5: but
word 6: useful
word 7: exercise

This is simple but useful exercise.

Include other file using the include() function. Find out what happens if the included file contains some PHP code? ...
(I am including ./include_hello.php.... you'll see the file is executed upon execution of include)

Hello, world! This is my first PHP script.

The time and date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018 20:48:08 -0700

Include other file using the include() function. This time it is ../another_include.html...
(I am including ../another_include.html)....

This is another include coming from ../another_include.html

Here is an exercise from Chapt 1 of our textbook...
(I am including chapt1_exercise.php)....

Hello world!

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